We’ve traveled the world in search of the best beers and were inspired by the vast variety of craft beers and breweries. Brews Brothers is our take on serving an ever-changing selection of the best beers in LA’s growing craft beer market. 


Our dynamic forty-two taps include thirty-five combinations of American strong ales, Belgian strong ales, Barrel Aged beers, light beers, wheat beers, unique one-offs and various other styles. We also tap two house-made Kombucha, three beers on nitro and a couple of seasonal ciders. We interchange our taps often, replacing existing beers with ones of similar styles, so there is always something new to try! 


Our food menu consists of artisan sandwiches, fresh salads, shareable charcuterie boards and several small bite options. All food is made with high quality ingredients - no hormones, no chemicals, and no preservatives. 



​Billie and Joey have been involved with the LA Craft Beer scene for over a decade - watching it grow from nearly nothing to the massive and ever-expanding market it is today.


Over the years the brothers and longtime friend Anita watched and helped numerous beer bars and restaurant owners successfully open and operate their establishments.

In seven years, Billie and Joey have brewed over 240 batches of beer along with a few collaborations with some of the more established breweries in California. They intend to continue to collaborate with more breweries in the future.


During their many visits to Belgium, along with numerous trips around the country, they previewed many beer shops and were impressed with the large variety of beer selections offered. They knew they had the experience and passion for creating something similar at home.

Billie, Anita, and Joey teamed up and now bring this love, knowledge, and expertise to bring you "BREWS BROTHERS"